Matt Korthuis

Professional Skills & Stick Handling Coach

About Matt

Since retiring, Matt Korthuis has been a professional skills and development coach for the past 3 years, coaching out of Saskatoon., Saskatchewan. Before getting into coaching Matt spent almost ten years playing hockey professionally in Europe. He spent a good portion of his career playing in The Netherlands, but also had brief stops in Italy, and Australia. He was also fortunate enough to attend 3 World Championships as a member of the Dutch National Hockey team.

A long with his on ice coaching duties, Matt also runs the Hockey Pro Training social media pages, through his pages his main focus is taking what it is he does on the ice, and help as many people he can learn and excel at the game of hockey, especially those who dont have access to skills and development coaching in their area. Its his hope that being part of this website will allow him to do that on another level and continue giving back to the game that he loves.