Hockey Shooting Course

52 Videos


Module 1 Hockey Shooting Course
52 Hockey Shooting Instructional Videos
Unit 1 Hand Terminology & Motion Patterns
Unit 2 Manual Stick Motion
Unit 3 3 Phases to Shooting a Puck
Unit 4 Body Alignment & Successful Shooting
Unit 5 Stick Presentation - Ready Position
Unit 6 Power Arm Positioning
Unit 7 3 Types of Quick Release Shots
Unit 8 3 Quick Release Shots - Demos
Unit 9 The Snap Shot - 2 Main Load Options
Unit 10 Stride Leg Configuration for Wrist Shot
Unit 11 Stride Leg Configuration for Snap Shot
Unit 12 Stride Leg Configuration for Wrist-Snap Shot
Unit 13 One Foot Shot
Unit 14 One Foot Snap Shot
Unit 15 One Foot Wrist-Snap Shot
Unit 16 One Foot Shot - Outside Leg
Unit 17 One Foot Jump - Wrist Shot
Unit 18 One Foot Jump - Snap Shot
Unit 19 Wrist-Snap One Foot Jump Shot
Unit 20 Wrist-Snap One Foot Jump Shot with Outside Leg Support
Unit 21 Technique Reminder for Hand Motions
Unit 22 Wrist Shot Release in Motion with 2 Feet Perpendicular
Unit 23 Snap Shot Release in Motion with 2 Feet Perpendicular
Unit 24 Wrist-Snap Release in Motion with 2 Feet Perpendicular
Unit 25 Strong Side, Stride Leg Back Shot
Unit 26 Opposite Stride Leg Back - Release
Unit 27 The One Foot Shot - In Motion
Unit 28 The One Foot Jump Shot - In Motion
Unit 29 The Slap Shot
Unit 30 Slap Shot - In Motion
Unit 31 Posture for Power & Control
Unit 32 Stride Leg Push Comparison
Unit 33 Gaining Shot Power through Muscle Activation
Unit 34 Muscle Activation to Snap & Lock Joints
Unit 35 Two Touch Passing
Unit 36 Two Touch Shooting
Unit 37 Two Touch Shooting – Cross Body Receive
Unit 38 Two Touch Shot - From your Strong Side
Unit 39 Two Touch Shooting in Motion - Backhand to Forehand
Unit 40 Power Arm Push & Downward Pressure to Create Velocity
Unit 41 How to Prepare for a Quicker Release
Unit 42 The One Timer
Unit 43 The One Timer - in Motion, from Strong Side
Unit 44 The One Timer - Weak Side
Unit 45 Fade Away - One Timer Shot
Unit 46 Situational Shooting – Emphasizing Power Arm
Unit 47 Tension Rate Control
Unit 48 One Touch Passing
Unit 49 Surrounding the Puck
Unit 50 Shooting the Puck while Cross Over Skating
Unit 51 Goalie Habits & Movement Patterns
Unit 52 The New Turk Snipe


Hockey Skating Course

52 Videos


Module 2 Hockey Skating Course
52 Hockey Skating Instructional Videos
Unit 1 Gliding Forward Efficiently
Unit 2 Gliding Backward Efficiently
Unit 3 Power Position
Unit 4 Gliding Backward in a Power Position
Unit 5 Gliding Forward One Foot Technical Approach
Unit 6 Gliding Backward One Foot Technical Approach
Unit 7 Gliding in a Power Position
Unit 8 Single Leg Drag Toe
Unit 9 Drag Toe - Heel Touch
Unit 10 Drag Toe - Heel Touch with Arm Action
Unit 11 Alternate Drag Toe - Heel Touch with Arm Action
Unit 12 Single Leg Stride Touch
Unit 13 Stride Touch with Arm Action
Unit 14 'Watermelons' Understanding your Edges
Unit 15 Forward C-Cuts
Unit 16 Backward C-Cuts with Both Feet
Unit 17 Alternate Forward C-Cuts
Unit 18 Backward Alternate C-Cuts
Unit 19 Forward C-Cuts with Arm Action
Unit 20 Backward C-Cuts with Arm Action
Unit 21 Alternate Forward C-Cuts with Arm Action
Unit 22 Penguin Walk with Support Neutral Spine
Unit 23 Penguin Walk with Stick Introduction
Unit 24 The Penguin Walk using Core Stabilizers
Unit 25 Penguin Walk with Explosive Step
Unit 26 Power Starts - Steps 1 & 2
Unit 27 Power Starts - Steps 1, 2 & 3
Unit 28 C-Cuts Around a Circle
Unit 29 C-Cuts Around a Circle with Arm Action
Unit 30 Backward C-Cuts Around a Circle
Unit 31 Backward C-Cuts Around a Circle with Arm Action
Unit 32 Backward Crossover Steps 1 & 2
Unit 33 Backward Crossover Steps 1, 2 & 3
Unit 34 The Backward Start
Unit 35 The Backward Start - Review your Marks
Unit 36 Inside Edge Glide
Unit 37 Outside Edge Push and Glide
Unit 38 Backward Inside Edge Glide
Unit 39 Backward - Outside Edge Push and Glide
Unit 40 Forward Lateral with Arm Action
Unit 41 Backward Lateral using Crossovers
Unit 42 Two Foot Glide Jumps Activating Lower Body
Unit 43 One Foot Glide Jumps
Unit 44 The Squat Glide
Unit 45 Knee Touch Drill
Unit 46 Knee Drops Drill
Unit 47 Two Foot Forward 'S' Turns
Unit 48 One Foot 'S' Turns
Unit 49 Backward Two Foot 'S' Turns
Unit 50 Backward One Foot 'S' Turns
Unit 51 Backward Starts into 'C' Cuts
Unit 52 Explosive Start Into Stride Touch


Stick Handling Course

52 Videos


Module 3 Stick Handling Course
52 Stick Handling Videos
Unit 1 Getting Set Up
Unit 2 What are my Hands Doing?
Unit 3 Weight Transfer
Unit 4 Cupping the Puck
Unit 5 Getting Started-Forward Dribble
Unit 6 Forehand Side Handling
Unit 7 Backhand Side Handling
Unit 8 Mobility StickHandling
Unit 9 The Toe Drag
Unit 10 Extended Toe Drags
Unit 11 Backhand Toe Drag
Unit 12 Spinning the Puck
Unit 13 Top Hand Control
Unit 14 Extending Range of Motion
Unit 15 Figure 8 Drill
Unit 16 Around the World
Unit 17 Heel to Toe Drill
Unit 18 Two Puck Handle
Unit 19 Skater Stride Handle
Unit 20 Half Moon Quick Hands
Unit 21 Half Moon Forehand Toe Drags
Unit 22 Getting Puck in Position, Forehand
Unit 23 Getting Puck in Position, Backhand
Unit 24 Handling on Knees
Unit 25 Three Puck Figure 8
Unit 26 Three Puck Figure 8 Quick Hands
Unit 27 Foot Work Figure 8
Unit 28 Weight Transfer Range of Motion
Unit 29 Extended Reach
Unit 30 Backhand Chip
Unit 31 Forehand Chip
Unit 32 W Pattern
Unit 33 X Marks the Spot
Unit 34 Up and Back
Unit 35 Moving Toe Drags
Unit 36 Moving Backward Toe Drags
Unit 37 Up and Over
Unit 38 Circular Handling
Unit 39 Top Hand Control Drill
Unit 40 Skate to Stick
Unit 41 Mini Patrick Kane Drill
Unit 42 Through the Legs Back Up
Unit 43 Over and Back in Motion
Unit 44 Forehand Side in Motion
Unit 45 Backhand Side in Motion
Unit 46 Forehand Middle Backhand in Motion
Unit 47 Inside Edge Handling in Motion
Unit 48 Outside Edge Handling in Motion
Unit 49 Heel Turns (Open Hips) while Handling
Unit 50 Backhand Toe Drags in Motion
Unit 51 Narrow Wide in Motion
Unit 52 Top Hand Control in Motion


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